Climate Change III:
The Great Debate Continues

In Part III of our continuing look at Climate Change codes, we searched for the following terms: emission, emission of, greenhouse, greenhouse gas, greenhouse gasses and gas emission.

The result was 17 lengthy codes ranging from 15 to 44 letters long. The term with the most returns was greenhouse with a 60% return rate, including two terms over 40 letters long. Only gas emission did not result in any findings.

As stated in our previous article, one of the controversies in the great debate over climate change is the short period of time that measurements have been taken, and whether or not reliable projections can be made from that data. An article discussing a recent study by geochemist Zunli Lu, from Syracuse University, notes climate changes may be unrelated to human CO2 emissions based on data involving the mineral ikaite and what is know about the Medieval Warm Period. So the debate continues, are these man-made effects, or just a part of a natural cycle in the earth's climate?

What do the codes have to say about this controversial topic? BCD believes that codes present well-known viewpoints, which may or may not be true. This series of codes discusses a range of topics such as a possible rise in respiratory illnesses, who might gain politically from the green energy movement, the potential for loss of life in the animal kingdom, and more.

Nathan Jacobi, Ph.D., parsed and translated the codes.

Emission had a 30% return rate with codes ranging in length from 15 to 30 letters long.

Emission (1)

Where is a healthy nose?
The depression of emission is slumbering.

One concern about any significant change in the climate is that it could cause an increase allergies, respiratory problems, and other illnesses. The European Respiratory Society published a PDF on that topic, as respiratory diseases are the second leading cause of death in Europe.

The following two articles discuss a recent study by Kent Pinkerton, professor of pediatrics at the UC Davis School of Medicine and director of the UC Davis Center for Health and the Environment:

Emission (4)

The business of that one is emission,
trivial verbosity is discussed:
how much, not at all, and in the shadow.

The business of that one is emission might refer to oil companies, and trivial verbosity may describe the media and their handling of the topic. In the shadow may imply some controversy or conspiracy happening behind closed doors. Controversy has surrounded those who might benefit politically by making changes in the field energy resources. (Global Warming Controversy, Related Controversies,

Emission (9)

They were malicious toward God, no emission.

This code is the first of this series to mention God. It is unknown who they might be, but it could refer to the scientific community calling for a major reduction in carbon emissions.

Emission of

Emission of had a 20% return rate with codes ranging in length from 24 to 28 letters long.

Emission of (5)

My heart screamed while awake, with the vase of their official,
the emission of his mother, being his threshold.

This code may refer to an official whose mother or family member sits on the opposite side of the controversy, and who was causing the official great distress by their actions.

Emission of (7)

The gift of emission and of the opinion
and rate of light come from his garland.

Rate of light come from his garland might be a symbol of winning a race, such as the traditional Olympic olive branch wreath, or it could be a symbol for the green energy movement.


Greenhouse had a 20% return rate with codes ranging in length from 18 to 44 letters long.

Greenhouse (1)

From my mother comes God whom you should believe.
Over there is the leopard of greenhouse purity.
Cause no panic from the affliction of dead elegance.

Leopard of greenhouse purity might refer to the animal kingdom as a whole and/or those animals who might die because of the greenhouse effect. The public may view the animals as a symbol of the purity of nature. Cause no panic from the affliction of dead elegance might describe someone or some entity trying to avoid or subdue panic from developing in the general public due to a high number of deaths in the animal kingdom. At 44 letters long, this is the longest code presented in this article.

Greenhouse (2)

Where is the light of the greenhouse?
It is a holocaust for the Jordan,
and bear their power.

The Jordan River is a 156 mile long river in western Asia that flows into the Dead Sea and serves as the eastern border of Israel and the Palestinian Territories. In addition, it is where John baptized Jesus. Photo of Jordan River from by artist Karimeh Abbud, circa 1925.

This code seems to imply that the Jordan River would be in jeopardy from climate change. If so, this would affect the entire region as the waters of the Jordan River are needed for the population and arid land, and because the river is a source of conflict among the surrounding countries including: Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Jordan, and the Palestinians.

Note the eastern division of Israel from surrounding neighbors by the Jordan River. Map of Israel from

For more information on the history of the conflicts, see Jordan River Importance,

Greenhouse (6)

The time of the greenhouse tree has arrived.
He will place the voice and the brother
as a small measure of a brother, the brother,
and a brother of the prince
of the father's throne congregation.

The time of the greenhouse tree has arrived might describe a symbol of the green movement, or it might describe actual trees being grown for propagation.

Israel is known for its cutting edge agro-technology. The remaining part of the code may refer to a Middle Eastern country with a monarchy being in conflict with Israel over food production and availability. This code is 41 letters long.

Greenhouse (7)

The bad witness has trembled, and my secret
has consumed the ledge of the greenhouse.

This code would seem to support the notion of a climate change conspiracy, or a conspiracy among oil companies to keep the severity of gas emissions contributing to the greenhouse effect a secret.

Greenhouse (9)

The poison from her heart's son
will spread in him like the son of greenhouse echo.

As with the previous code, this code may imply that someone or some entity is behind a climate change conspiracy.

Greenhouse (10)

Who was destroyed? Strike the greenhouse!
Let us go, where is the energy?

Strike the greenhouse! would seem to imply that the climate change was destructive, and where is the energy? might describe a resulting loss of energy resources.

Greenhouse Gas

Greenhouse Gas had a 30% return rate with codes ranging in length from 21 to 23 letters long.

Greenhouse Gas (1)

The passion within you is controlled,
and the greenhouse gas will be stricken.

The passion within you is controlled may describe the world getting its need for petroleum under control, and the greenhouse gas will be stricken might be referring to the resulting decrease in greenhouse gasses.

Greenhouse Gas (4)

Let them be cold. Lord, you tempted,
there is greenhouse gas.

Let them be cold could refer to a cooling of temperatures and/or the inability to heat homes. It also seems to imply that someone is blaming God for the change in temperature.

Greenhouse Gas (9)

Lord, for you is the expression of the core
and the presentation of greenhouse gas.

This code reads like a prayer as someone lifts up their concern over the issues of the climate change scenario and expresses a belief in God's sovereignty over the earth.

Greenhouse Gasses

Greenhouse Gasses had a 30% return rate with codes ranging in length from 20 to 26 letters long.

Greenhouse Gasses (3)

The greenhouse gas was stopped,
and the mourner was relieved.

This code paints a picture of someone mourning the effects of greenhouse gasses. Then the situation turns around and they are relieved.

Greenhouse Gasses (4)

For the period that the greenhouse gas
was its debt time to a white mountain.

Its debt time to a white mountain might be describing the decrease in snow capped mountains and diminishing glaciers due to the climate warming. The changes in glaciers were discussed in our previous article.

Greenhouse Gasses (8)

Give and take greenhouse gasses.
On nothingness please see their nakedness.

This final code is quite mysterious, but implies that the changes in greenhouse gasses could lead some to nakedness or poverty.

Gas Emission did not result in any findings.

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