Summary of "Is Jesus the Messiah?"

Could Bible codes possibly add anything definitive to the two-millennia-long controversy over Christian claims that Jesus of Nazareth was/is the Messiah of the Jews? BCD checked out two sets of ELSs for their closeness to literal mentions of David in the Old Testament. They were ELSs for Yeshua HaMelech (Jesus the King) and HaMelech Yeshua (The King Jesus).

For Jesus the King ELSs, their distances from David were totally unremarkable, being no different than what chance could cause. However, for The King Jesus ELSs, the David distances were just as small as those for three variations of the royal title of King David himself. In other words, they were anything but random. This very fact suggested that extensions to these codes might provide clues to the question of the Messiahship of Jesus, for the Messiah is referred to as the Son of David in Zechariah 12:10.

Suppose that we knew nothing about "The King Yeshua" except what could be gathered from these extended codes. What these codes would tell us are the following things (with the number of the code in parentheses):
  • Some of King Yeshua's enemies would acknowledge that he reigned over them. (1)
  • He will have followers. (2)
  • He was an exalted teacher providing "days of contact." (4)
  • He will live forever. (6)
  • He will have personal warmth. (7)
  • He will carry on the traditions of Moses in some way. (8)
  • He will be "awake" within some of his followers. (9)
  • He will live, at some time after his death. (10)
  • He will be a gift. (11)
  • Accounts of him will refer to palms and to treasure. (12)
  • He will be a "gift that God will move" who will come. (13)
  • God will improve matters for him. (14)
  • He is a living spark/amber. (15)
  • People will sing about him just as they would sing for a powerful prince that causes them to tremble. (17)
  • He will return to followers who are part of his loaf of bread. (21)
  • He will some day appear again. (22)
  • We are likened to clay vessels, and He will disclose who we are. (23)
  • He was a lamb who was defeated. (25)
  • He is the King, the Son. (26)

The full-length article details more of these astonishing elements of Jesus' life as expressed in the codes, as well as presenting the codes themselves and New Testament Scriptures with similar content.

Full Length Article: Is Jesus the Messiah?

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