Summary of "Prophet and Messiah"

We are often asked, what is the purpose of the codes? Why do they exist? Our view is that God created codes in the Bible because He cares about us and wants to show us another facet of His omniscience and creativity.

We decided to do a series of searches for True Prophet and True Messiah. The results were not only significant in number and length (23 codes ranging from 11 to 54 letters in length), but in several cases they were remarkably moving and poetic. In this Summary, we present two out of the 23 codes:

In the True Prophet (4) code, the first sentence a true prophet kills complacency is the ultimate description of a prophet's role: to speak the truth leaving the hearer no option to be complacent, but faced with making a moral choice. The second sentence, his sign is garlic in a lion's tooth, is pure poetry. The strong, pungent flavor of garlic combined with the power symbolized by a lion's tooth emphasizes the influence and power of the true prophet's speech. Along with its obvious culinary uses, garlic has long been used for medicinal purposes. This adds another layer of symbolism to this code. A prophet's words are also medicinal for directing the hearer back to a "healthier" path. Finding a code like this that combines mathematical beauty, in the form of statistical significance, with pure poetry, spurs us on in our research.

True Prophet (6) brings to mind a quote from the Gettysburg Address. In it, Abraham Lincoln used the phrase, "the last full measure of devotion" when describing the soldiers that gave their lives. (See Perhaps this code speaks of a similar devotion in the prophet, who gives his entire life to God, even unto death.

In True Messiah (9.13), the first thing we are struck by in this code is the reference to the meek. "Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth." (Matthew 5:5, NIV) And then the reference to a winemaker. Jesus could be called the winemaker, because He turned water into wine in John 2:1-11. Looked at as a whole, this code could be referring to Jesus teaching the meek, turning water into wine, and emerging as the true messiah.

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