Summary of "Swine Flu"

The media has been filled with reports on the Swine Flu. On June 11, 2009, the World Health Organization upgraded the alert status from epidemic to pandemic ( We ran a series of searches on Swine Flu and Mexican Plague, as it is being called in Israel. We searched for two spellings of each term. Only one of the four resulted in a finding. We later discovered a 666 code intersecting the Swine Flu code.

Immediately, we were struck by the parallel of this Bible code with the first two chapters of the Book of Job. Who but the Prince of demons would love the aroma of the Swine Flu? Who but Satan would take pleasure in the suffering and death of men, women, and children from this disease?

The word vapor in this code is particularly relevant, because the Swine Flu spreads primarily through the air.

Curiously, Satan is referred to as the "prince of the power of the air" in Ephesians 2:1-2 (NKJV).

He comes by many other names: Accuser, Adversary, Beelzebub, Father of lies, Lucifer, Power of darkness, Prince of this world, Prince of demons, Ruler of the darkness, Satan, Serpent, Tempter, god of this world, and Wicked one, to name a few.

In Job chapters 1-2, we find Satan asking God to give him free reign over Job's life to prove that Job only reveres God because he has a blessed, protected life. God gives him permission to do as he wishes, as long as he does not touch Job. Satan then begins to destroy his herds, sons, daughters, most of his servants, and oldest brother's home and, we conjecture, his household as well. When all of this does not turn Job against God, Satan asks God for permission to afflict Job himself. With the caveat of not killing him, Satan is freed to afflict Job with painful sores from head to toe. Job's wife is spared, but she is an additional source of temptation telling Job to curse God and die. In all of this, Job keeps his integrity and does not turn against God.

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