Summary of "World Plague ELSs
and the Discovery of
Swine Flu Clusters"

In our May/June 2009 digest, we reported on the results of our searches for Swine Flu and Mexican Flu, as it is being called in Israel. In addition, we discovered a 666 code intersecting the Swine Flu code. The findings were reported in the Swine Flu article.

On June 11, 2009, the World Health Organization upgraded the alert status from epidemic to pandemic. ( See also the World Health Organization update from October 17, 2009. On October 24, 2009, President Barack Obama declared the spread of the H1N1 Virus (Swine Flu) a national emergency. (

We searched the entire Tanakh (Old Testament) for World Plague. The following are two of the four extended World Plague codes:

World Plague (1a) could be from an individual's point of view, accusing God of sending a world plague as a judgment or punishment.

In World Plague (1d), it sounds as though an entire city or perhaps a group of cities will be wiped out due to a world plague. The question then is, will God . . . bring an end to the city, or to the plague? Perhaps the sentence, God will bring an end, is meant as a declaration of faith in God, implying that He will spare the remaining survivors.

In addition, we searched specifically in Jeremiah 44:6 and Isaiah 8:7 for the terms: Influenza, Pandemic, Pandemic of, Quarantine, Cholera, Swine Plague, Bad Disease, and Satan. Those are the verses where the letters for the word Prince from The prince loved the vapor of Swine Flu code hit, and both Scriptures speak of God's wrath: first in laying waste cities, and second in bringing floodwaters. It is a very grim intersection in Scripture for these clusters of codes about illness.

In the complete article, BCD presents two more World Plague codes, and eight codes that intersect the Swine Flu code.

Full Length Article: World Plague ELSs and the Discovery of Swine Flu Clusters

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