Summary of "Highly Significant Buddha
Codes Found in Isaiah 40-46"

After completing our searches for extensions to Yeshua ELSs found in the "Who is Like God?" verses of Isaiah 40-46, it occurred to us that it would be interesting to also search for extensions to Buddha ELSs in these same verses. And, while at it, we also searched for extensions to Muhammad and Moses ELSs in those same verses. If the literal text is asking a clear question, perhaps the extended codes interwoven in those verses might provide potential answers to that question. Or, at least, they might include content that people of each respective religion might recognize as being relevant to the founder of their beliefs. We did not return disappointed, but rather with astonishment at the extended codes that were found.

What did we find among the Buddha codes in Isaiah 40-46 verses that ask the question, "Who is like God?" We found nine extended codes, most of which present a distinctly Buddhist point of view. Enlightenment is a persistent theme in these findings:
  • The judge has returned. They have cried moistly when Buddha has enlightened.
  • Buddha is proper and sealed. Indeed, a candle.
  • You will propose my lamp, Buddha and God.
  • . . . They have reached a high level as a living friend and an oasis.

The content of these codes should be familiar to Buddhists. Does that affirm Buddhism? Not necessarily. What it affirms is that the author of the Bible knew a great deal about Buddhism well before Buddha was born (circa 560 BC).

It has long been the view of BCD that the content of Bible codes represents one of many well-known points of view. In the case of religious matters, the point of view of any given code might be Jewish or Christian, Muslim or Buddhist, or of some skeptic or antagonist to any of these faiths. Our view has been affirmed by these new findings.

If we were to espouse the notion that codes only present truth, then we would run into several hazardous dilemmas. In that case, the content of codes would then strongly compete with the literal text as a source of truth. Contradictions could stand out, not only between different codes, but between individual codes and the literal text of the Bible. Code proponents from different faiths could clash over the findings, citing this or that extended code as proof that their beliefs were correct. Since the translator has the privilege to choose where to place spaces between the Hebrew letters, at times multiple translations are possible. Some of these alternative translations may contradict one another. That is not the kind of environment in which scientific investigations would progress smoothly.

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