Summary of "Inherent Tensions
Between Buddhism and Christianity"

We began by looking for occurrences of Siddhartha as a Bible code and found two instances. The one with the shortest skip (-4,543) also included Jesus in the extended code. But not only that, the code had a profound message—Buddhism and Christianity conflict with one another in some ways. The full code reads:

Siddhartha has declined Jesus' hand,
and in them they identified a crisis.

This startling code raises several questions:
  1. What crisis exists between Buddha and Christ?
  2. What did Buddha decline? What does Jesus' hand represent?
  3. Didn't Buddha live before Christ? How, then, could this code make any sense?
  4. Is there anything remarkable about the verses where the letters of this code appear? Do some of these verses:
    • Express Buddha's views? (To find this in the Old Testament would be unexpected.)
    • Express Christ's views, as distinct from typical Old Testament views? (Also unexpected.)
    • Give us pointed clues as to what the crisis is?
    • Reiterate the content of the code itself?

  5. Do these verses touch on ALL significant aspects of the crisis between Buddha and Christ?
  6. Are there any patterns in terms of similar subject matter for the verses where the letters of each word in the code appear?

These questions are addressed in the full length article.

Full Length Article: Inherent Tensions Between Buddhism and Christianity: Detailed in One Astonishing Code (and Its Contexts)

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