Summary of "God and Jesus
in Proverbs 30:4"

BCD has previously examined codes passing through specific portions of Scripture that ask the question Who is Like God? in Isaiah 40-46 and Exodus 15. In a continuing effort, we searched for God (Ehloheem), God (Yehovah), and Jesus (Yeshua) in Proverbs 30:4. In the passage, questions are asked about God and his son. Out of five codes found, two resulted in extended codes.

The Gospels are full of accounts of Jesus healing (mending) people. This code reads like one such example, which appears in three of the Gospel accounts: Matthew 9:20-22, Mark 5:25-34 and Luke 8:43-48. The woman only touches the hem of His garment, and she is healed from 12 years of bleeding and illness. He asks who has touched Him and been healed. She trembles and falls at His feet as she tells Him of the healing. Jesus also mended people's lives by forgiving them of their sins and transforming their way of life. Consider the woman at the well. Jesus confronted her about her sin, and not only forgave her sin, but redirected her way of life.

God (Yehovah) (2) could be referring to Ruth speaking about her mother-in-law Naomi. After the death of Ruth's husband, Ruth pledges to go with Naomi back to Judah and that Naomi's God will be her God in Ruth 1:16. In turning toward God, Ruth won the appreciation of Naomi and the admiration of Boaz, a relative of her deceased husband. Boaz acts as a kinsman-redeemer and marries Ruth. In Matthew 1:5, it lists Boaz, the father of Obed by Ruth, as an ancestor of Jesus.

Lastly, consider the beauty of these codes. In the first, the picture of Jesus mending people, and as he turns they fall to their knees in prayer. In the second, the reference to Ruth leaving all that she knows to live in a foreign land and beginning to worship God, and as a result of turning toward God and her devotion to Naomi, finding the gratitude of Naomi and the favor and protection of Boaz.

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