Summary of "Yeshua Codes in Isaiah 40-46"

One method of searching for codes is to pose a question and search for the answer. Over the years, we have noticed that the codes quite often mirror the content of the text that they pass through. Following that train of thought, we decided to look at scriptures that ask a question, and then look for codes touching down in that exact text for the answers to those questions.

In Isaiah, there are seven passages that pose questions about God. Essentially, they ask the question, "Who is like God?" We decided to look at Jesus (Yeshua) ELSs that touch down in those verses in Isaiah. We sent the 40 codes with the shortest skips to Nathan Jacobi, Ph.D. He examined those codes for extensions. Out of the 40, 14 (35%) yielded lengthy codes, ranging from 12 to 44 letters long.

The findings are remarkable for several reasons.
  • Length of the codes: The codes found range from 12 to 44 letters long, well past the eight-letter threshold of significance.
  • Quantity of code findings: With random findings, the number of codes found would be few in number and the frequency of longer extensions would drop off with additional searching. These codes do not fit the random pattern.
  • Surface text content and content of codes: We find the connection between the surface text and the code content to be significant.
  • Surface text and code content connection to New Testament Scriptures: Further, the surface text and code content have a significant connection with New Testament Scriptures.

Here are four of the 14 findings:

The full length article presents all fourteen codes and their locations in the surface text.

Full Length Article: Yeshua Codes in Isaiah 40-46

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