Thirteen Years
Since 9/11

With the passing of the thirteenth anniversary of 9/11, BCD has taken a look back at numerous startling 9/11 codes. More firmly than ever, we do not believe that the codes predict future events. Bible codes are prophetic fragments that do not include enough details to form the basis for a reliable prediction. We do believe that some codes can put events into perspective, and may even suggest possible outcomes. As is sometimes the case, long ELSs can be ambiguous, mysterious and enigmatic. It may be unclear who is speaking, to whom they are directed and when they are to take place. Photo from Wikipedia.

Connections Between Clusters and Surface Text

Often there is a significant connection between the clusters of codes and the surface text. We first saw this with the Isaiah 53 codes, where hundreds of ELSs concerning the details of Jesus Christ's last days tie in with the surface text's prophetic description of a suffering servant's ministry and death.

Calculating the odds against these clusters including as many lengthy codes as they do results in infinitesimally small numbers. Even without consistent clarity in the meanings of the long ELSs, the only conclusion that can be drawn from these calculations is that there is no way these "coincidences" could have taken place purely by chance.

Ezekiel 37

The main cluster of codes we found concerning the terrorist attacks is centered in Ezekiel 37, which is mainly concerned with the "dry bones" vision of the prophet. Most Bible scholars agree that this is an allegorical picture of the re-forming of Israel, which had been dead for centuries, and its people dispersed throughout the world. We believe this thematic link strongly indicates a connection between the events of 9/11 and the support of the United States for Israel.

9/11 and Iraq

As to the connection between the 9/11 attacks and Iraq, clusters were found in Ezekiel 7 and 37. They seemed mostly to concern implications of the events on the worldwide political stage.

Today, we know that Saddam was sentenced and executed for his crimes, the days of Saddam are over, and Hussein is guilty have now come to pass.
    Imagine a picture of terminal illness. The days of Saddam are over, 20 letters, skip 139.

    Hussein is guilty, 7 letters, skips 20,269 and 42,94, both appearing in Ezekiel 7 cluster.

Abu Zubaidah

Former high-ranking al Qaeda member Abu Zubaidah was a key figure in the codes. For example, he appeared in all of the key terrorism and war clusters.
    Carry the mountain. Zubaidah will tell something of value as a gift as the monument of the sect is finished, 27 letters, skip 1,265, appears in Ezekiel 37 and 40 clusters.

    There is quarrel in his speeches. A living brother uttered words to them and to me. And Zubaidah turned to his sea, without then lying for a whole week. Oh, the mountain of her interior will bear a testimonial to her name, 61 letters, skip 4,008. This ELS appears in Ezekiel 37, 40 and 7 clusters; Micah 5 and Jeremiah 17 clusters.

    He is being taught what tea is immersed in, Zubaidah, 19 letters, skip 357, appears in Ezekiel 7 cluster.

Osama bin Laden

Using the five-letter Hebrew spelling for the name Bin Laden, we turned up several references to the terrorist leader and his death. We also found codes that seem to refer to the terrorist's associations and possible motivations. As with Saddam Hussein, we now know he is dead.
    The farmer of Rome came. Bin Laden is dead. The deep throat burned everything, 25 letters, skip 42,529, appears in Ezekiel 7 cluster.

    And Manasseh is casting a cloud on him, and we will pick up the dead Bin Laden, 23 letters, skip 12,024, appears in Ezekiel 7 cluster.

    Yesterday evening they whispered, Bin Laden is dead, 14 letters, skip 17,232, appears in Ezekiel 7 cluster.

    Bin Laden is dead. Where is the monument for the oppressed? 14 letters, skip 33,908, appears in Ezekiel 7 cluster.

The United States

Assuming that the U.S. is cast as the awakened one in one of our key findings, it appears that the nation is falling asleep, possibly to the dangers of terrorism and possibly also spiritually. This may refer to the political squabbling in Congress over homeland defense and foreign affairs in the wake of 9/11. The sense of urgency that had these same members of Congress singing patriotic songs in the Capital building hours after the attacks has certainly experienced deflation since then. In the same code is a suggestion that the terrorism could have been much worse, except for divine intervention.

In another ELS, the island may refer to the island of Manhattan. The newborn one appears in another code, which may be an additional reference to the U.S., in relation to ancient nations such as Israel, Egypt, Iraq and Syria. In still another ELS, the father's son might refer to President George W. Bush. It is in this code that one of the very few direct references to the U.S. is found.
    Order a killing and let it be stopped, as in a truly divine way. And the awakened one is falling asleep, 28 letters, skip 57, appears in Ezekiel 7 cluster.

    The island was restful, elevated, and it happened. Where is Libya? And you have disrupted the nation. She changed a word. He answered them with combat. Why the navy and the smell of the bottom of the sea? 53 letters, skip 1,151, appears in Ezekiel 37 and 40 clusters.

    The trouble of the newborn one is vigilant and honest because of the ruin. Get out as if Iraq had been sent out. The majority is aware that, rest in peace, you will come&8212;the villainy with light. You will understand the heart of granite, 52 letters, skip 194, appears in Ezekiel 37 and 40 clusters.

    Let the oppressed be congratulated, saturated from him at 2001. And let them be guarded by the echo of the father's son, Supported by the U.S. I will see, but he has the knowledge, 47 letters, skip 1,804, appears in Ezekiel 37 and 40 clusters.

A Peace Treaty Built on Sand

The following was found in a cluster centered in Daniel 2, whose most interesting section relates the story of Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar's dream and Daniel's interpretation of it. Appearing in this cluster is a 41-letter code that may refer to a duplicitous peace treaty formed on a foundation of sand, not the most dependable of materials.
    From the salt of betrayal and from fire, a sand dune provided the foundation for a peace treaty. Yah—indeed God—came to the heights of the mountain, 41 letters, skip 23,429, appears in Daniel 2 and Ezekiel 37 clusters.


The Armageddon codes we have found link together all of the clusters regarding the U.S., Israel, and the Temple. One added element is Jesus Christ. As He makes a sudden appearance in the midst of the Armageddon surface text in Revelation, prophecy experts believe that He will make a sudden appearance at the Battle of Armageddon.

One of the codes below seems to confirm this belief. God will provide my bread at the utmost height of Armageddon could be interpreted as saying that Christ will return at the peak of the battle. "And Jesus said to them, 'I am the bread of life. He who comes to Me shall never hunger, and he who believes in Me shall never thirst.'" (John 6:35, NKJV) Upon His return, the surface text says that Jesus Christ will set up a kingdom of peace and will reign on earth for 1,000 years.
    God will provide my bread at the utmost height of Armageddon, 22 letters, skip 6,955, appears in Daniel 2 and Proverbs 15 clusters.

    Armageddon, relieving my heart, will waste away a quarter dead. And God is my refuge, 27 letters, skip 4,246, appears in Ezekiel 37 and 40 clusters.

    Another house next door to Armageddon. Have mercy on him. Let her mind be renewed by the accomplishment of God's flame, 37 letters, skip 17,384, appears in Micah 5 cluster.

    Armageddon, whom have you illuminated? God? 14 letters, skip 13,125, appears in Ezekiel 40 and Jeremiah 17 clusters.

The Passage of Time

For some of the codes that were more mysterious 13 years ago, their meaning is a little clearer, and for some the events have taken place, such as the deaths of Hussein and Bin Laden, making the codes a comment on history, rather than a possibility in the future.

Enjoy finding your own Bible codes.
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