Ebola Epidemic

What began in Guinea in December 2013, and then spread to Liberia and Sierra Leone, recently threatened to take the world stage as an epidemic.

On August 8, 2014, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the epidemic to be a "public health emergency of international concern." As of November 14, 2014, WHO has reported a total of 14,413 reported Ebola cases in eight countries, with 5,177 deaths.

In an October conference in Geneva, the WHO assistant director-general Dr. Bruce Aylward estimated that the numbers could reach 10,000 cases a week by December 2014.

Of 10 reported cases in the United States, two people have died. Thomas Eric Duncan (10/8/2014) and Dr. Martin Salia (11/17/2014) in Dallas, Texas, and Omaha, Nebraska, respectively. (Wikipedia)

Moshe Aharon Shak has researched the codes regarding this outbreak and has posted a video to YouTube on the subject, Ebola Epidemic. The following are some of his findings.

Ebola Codes
22 of Av sad!

This is the Hebrew date corresponding to August 8, 2012, the date that WHO declared the Ebola outbreak as an international threat.


The term Ebola is found crossing the main date term that the epidemic was recognized as a world threat.

The River

The Ebola River is the headstream of the Mongala River in northern Democratic Republic of the Congo. The disease was named after this river. The current epidemic, however, originated in Guinea.

From Contact

The virus is spread by direct contact, with blood or bodily fluids, from either an infected person or animal. It can be spread by direct contact with a contaminated items or surface. The spread of the disease through the air has not been documented either in a lab or in natural conditions. (Wikipedia)

In it (the virus) there is a threat
from the world.

As already indicated above, this virus poses a threat to the entire world if it is not stopped quickly. Control requires,
    . . . coordinated medical services, along with a certain level of community engagement. The medical services include: rapid detection of cases of disease, contact tracing of those who have come into contact with infected individuals, quick access to laboratory services, proper care and management of those who are infected and proper disposal of the dead through cremation or burial. (Wikipedia)

When around a person with the disease, prevention includes common sense behavior such as, wearing proper protective clothing and washing hands. There is not a specific treatment or vaccine for the virus available commercially. (Wikipedia)

More Ebola Codes

To see additional codes click on the Tables link or visit YouTube to view Shak’s YouTube video.
  • Tables (codes in Hebrew, English, with their skips, R-values, and locations)
  • Ebola Epidemic video (7:22)

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