Summary of "Haitian Earthquake I"

On January 12, 2010, a 7.0 magnitude earthquake battered the Republic of Haiti causing massive destruction and loss of life, particularly in its capital, Port-au-Prince. Located in the Caribbean, it shares the island of Hispaniola with the Dominican Republic, and is located approximately 750 miles southeast of Florida and 50 miles east of Cuba.

We began by simply searching for the term Haiti. In examining the 10 shortest finds of Haiti, lengthy extensions were found for six. The codes range in length from 16 to 67 letters. Presented here are two of the six codes:

The Haiti (4) code is a vivid description of the devastation. The first phrase, my mound is an island sounds as though someone owns Haiti. It is believed by some that Haiti was dedicated to Satan in 1791. So, this code may be from Satan's point of view. If so, then let Haiti be a pile of rubble for the mother, or let my tax be a mountain of tears might be Satan calling down disaster upon Haiti.

As well as being the longest code of the group, Haiti (9) is perhaps the most shocking. With words like imprisonment, conspiracy, malice and destruction, the language in it is potent and disturbing. From the loosening provide a conspiracy similar to the malice in a father and his son-in-law, may refer to the Haitian Revolution and Haiti's subsequent independence from France. It is ironic that the French Revolution inspired the Haitians to seek their own independence from France. Perhaps the loosening refers to that break and to the malice in a father and his son-in-law is a reference to their fractured relationship. The last sentence, the island is intense, and the low-lying pile of destruction is a way of life (or low-lying rubble is a way of life) is a remarkable description of what has happened in Haiti.

Full Length Article: Haitian Earthquake: Codes Graphically Depict the Destruction

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