Summary of "Haitian Earthquake II"

Haiti has been subjected to a series of natural disasters that include four major tropical storms or hurricanes and a 7.0 earthquake in the last 10 years. Coupled with the combination of social problems, poverty, and poor building standards, the repeated destruction to Haiti, with no real time for restoration or rebuilding, has resulted in a calamity of enormous proportions. In an article dated February, 17, 2010, CBS News quoted French President Nicolas Sarkozy, "We are living a pivotal moment, a moment of truth for Haiti."

In our continuing efforts to examine codes regarding the January 2010 earthquake in Haiti, we looked at the following terms: Haiti quake, quake in Haiti, Española (Hispaniola), Port-au-Prince, island quake and the island shook. In this summary, BCD presents three out of the 23 codes.

Getting out of the island quake may describe an escape from the island quake providing salvation and shelter. In a Washington Post article, dated January 21, 2010, it was reported that aftershocks from the earthquake spurred an exodus from the capital, Port-au-Prince.

The impoverished of all islands would seem to be an apt description of Haiti. Even though it shares the island of Española (Hispaniola) with the Dominican Republic, due to the location of the quake, years of deforestation, numerous natural disasters, and poverty, Haiti was hardest hit by the quake.

Haiti Quake (9) may speak of recovery for Haiti to the degree that it would become fragrant gardens of a lake to God.

The 23 codes presented in the full length article point to a moment of truth for Haiti, and it would seem that the January 2010 earthquake is such a moment. Coupled with the findings in the previous article on Haiti, this complete collection of 29 extended codes echoes the destruction of the earthquake in Haiti and the hope for rebuilding Haiti into a fragrant garden.

Full Length Article: Haitian Earthquake II: A Moment of Truth

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