Summary of "Earthquakes: Chile,
Haiti, and Around the World"

On February 27, 2010, just six weeks after the 7.0 earthquake in Haiti, an 8.8 earthquake lasting 90 seconds hit Chile. This earthquake was so powerful that it moved the entire City of Concepción 10 feet (3.04 meters), and seismologists estimate that it may have shortened the length of a day on Earth by microseconds.

BCD searched for Concepción, Chilean Quake, Earthquake, The Earth Shook, Wounded by the Quake, Injured by the Quake, Quake Survivors, and Quake Orphans.

In 1960, Chile experienced the 9.5 Validivia quake, the largest quake on record. The resulting tsunami caused widespread damage to Chile, Hawaii, and Japan. In Concepción (B.1), the city is being subjected to a tsunami or other event causing the sea to rush over the city and prompting the population to run from their homes. This bleak code may describe devastation caused by the 1960 tsunami.

The earthquake is loud is quite direct, but when it is expanded to the earthquake is loud as the fondness of my death to the impoverished, it raises the question, "Why would the poor be fond of someone's death?" Perhaps a dictator's death or perhaps if they were poor because someone had stolen from them, they might be fond of that person's death. The time of its dirt is for you. Where is the burden? may be describing the tremendous physical effort to dig through the rubble and debris following the quake.

In Earthquake (C.6), the masons were slumbering may refer to shoddy workmanship in buildings that often lead to their collapse during an earthquake. In Haiti, poor construction standards combined with rapid population growth in Port-au-Prince contributed to the loss of life. In 2008, similar devastation happened in China's Sichuan province during a 7.9 quake, which caused public buildings, schools, and hospitals to collapse resulting in over 87,000 deaths of which approximately 5,000 were children who were attending school. (LA Times)

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