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Summary of "An Introduction to the Range of Types of Bible Code Phenomena" (May/June 2006)

In the full-length article, the types of phenomena described are illustrated with examples in English. However, code researchers almost without exception do not believe there are codes in the English Bible. Bible codes from the Hebrew Bible are in Hebrew and codes from the New Testament are in Aramaic. This summary presents only a few of the phenomena discussed in the full-length article.

Equidistant Letter Sequence
In the full-length article, examples are given for: Single Forward ELSs, Single Backward ELSs, and Extended ELSs.

The letters of a literal text are placed on a "mini-Scrabble board," and are read by column up or down. ELSs can appear in a matrix in a diagonal direction, and they can appear by skipping a consistent number of rows between each letter of the ELS, while reading down a column. ELSs can also appear within a diagonal, while skipping a consistent number of rows between each letter of the ELS. One characteristic of matrices is that the skip sizes of the ELSs are all multiples of a single number, or are close to a multiple of that number.

Suppose you were to start with row of letters, but with many different "mini-Scrabble" boards, each with a different number of columns. So, we would have such boards with widths of five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, and every number of columns up to 25. Then, you would search each different board for ELSs, while only including those where at least one letter of the ELS had to appear as part of a one word in order to be included in the cluster.

Visual Mosaics
These appear within a specific matrix where a small selected number of words appear as ELSs and, if we color the squares occupied by the letters in those ELSs, some kind of visual image appears.

This phenomenon is explored in Barry Roffman's book Ark Code. Some examples are accessible from Amazon.

Every one of the 35 letters in the five King David ELSs with the shortest skips in the Bible appear in a verse that mentions David, refers to him or was written by him. We call this phenomena underscoring.

Full Length Article: An Introduction to the Range of Types of Bible Code Phenomena

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