Summary of "The Unexpected Effects of Letter Differences on Codes" (May/June 2006 Digest)

There are 14 letter differences between the Hebrew texts used for code searches by CodeFinder and by Keys to the Bible (Keys). The Hebrew Old Testament (Tanakh) used in Keys and Bible Codes 2000 is the latest version from the Koren researchers in Jerusalem. CodeFinder uses the text from the printed version of The Jerusalem Bible.

In the past, some code skeptics have argued that the existence of such differences invalidates the possible existence of Bible codes. In our view, this is an extreme position unsupported by either investigation or evidence. To be sure, a letter difference can result in significant effects on existing Bible codes. BCD carried an article on the various types of letter differences and their effects in the August 2000 issue.

In this issue, we present yet another article illustrating the effects of the insertion of a single letter on a simple example for an English text.

In yet another BCD article, we reported on the specific effects of a letter difference in Isaiah 53:5 on the previously presented code from Keys:

Gushing from above, Jesus is my mighty name,
and the clouds rejoiced.

While skeptic Brendan McKay had asserted that this letter difference totally invalidated our code finding, we took his claim as a challenge to actually investigate the real effects (versus jumping to a conclusion one way or the other). The above code, when researched in CodeFinder, turned out to be 40 letters long (versus 22 letters from Keys). The entire code from CodeFinder was:

Gushing from above, Jesus is my mighty name,
and my clouds rejoiced. Where? At the mountain, said Levi.
Their light came. God is in it.

In a separate article, we surveyed a dozen ways that this longer code paralleled Gospel accounts of the transfiguration of Christ. We were quite startled by this. It was as if the letter difference was like a wormhole, phenomenon from physics which would allow matter to "travel" from one mouth of the wormhole to the other by passing through the throat.
  1. In the case of Bible codes, a single ELS would crawl through the wormhole and continue in a distinctly different string of letters, as illustrated in The Effects of a Letter Insertion. More recently, we performed the searches in CodeFinder and sent the extensions to one of our Hebrew experts, Nathan Jacobi, Ph.D., and here are the results.

Full Length Article: The Unexpected Effects of Letter Differences on Codes

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